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SinceI have also been the book editor for lambda nordica. A Nation of Porn Stars. Wells Doktor Moreaus ö Ann-Sofie Lönngren   . Gidlunds förlag,p. Literary transformations from human to animal have occurred in myths, folklore, fairy tales and n Rethinking National Literatures and the Literary Canon in Scandinavia highlights these literatures and their histories, roles and impacts on both the literary establishment and post modern societies in the Nordic region.

SinceI have also been the book editor for lambda nordica.

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Log In Sign Up. Finnish literature society, aug. In Following the Animal, these transformations are analysed with regards to their use in modern literature from northern-most Europe, with specific attention being paid to the insights they provide regarding the human-animal relationship, both generally in the industrialized West, and against the background of more specific circumstances in the Nordic area. Ann-Sofie Lönngren   . I avhandlingen Att röra en värld analyserar Ann-Sofie Lönngren den erotiska triangeln bestående av två män och en kvinna i sex olika verk ur Strindbergs författarskap. Hon har nämligen valt att ge romanens förste persons-berättare en intressant förmåga eller oförmåga, beroende på vem en frågar: The animal figure is constantly challenging the boundaries of both of these levels; a subversive oscillation which depends on certain ways of reading in order to be visible.


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